Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice at Java Love

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It’s November. The trees are bare and the mums are dead. And now we turn inwards, from the light of the outdoors to candles, fireplaces and electric lights to indulge in the small domestic pleasures we enjoy while held hostage by the cold. It’s a season of scents, of tastes. The smell of pine, clove and warm bread, of ginger and mint, one can’t help but think of the past during the holiday’s where one’s childhood is re-lived with the same sights, sounds, tastes and smells that have always been there. It’s nostalgic. It’s the reason so many memories can be pooled in a steaming cup of coffee under your nose.

At Java love, we understand that holiday flavor isn’t just a perk of the season, but part of its tradition. And we honor that tradition by meticulously flavoring our beans just right with seasonal favorites like Pumpkin Spice. After our Rainforest Alliance Certified Colombian beans are roasted to french roast perfection and still warm, they are tossed with organic and natural oils; as they cool, they absorb the pumpkin flavor. There is a special Goldilocks zone of temperature---- too hot and the beans would burn away the flavor and too cold the flavor would not permeate the bean well. Some larger manufacturers add the flavoring twice, once after roasting and once before shipment when they are cold, but this can lead to the over powering flavor. Yet this is the least problematic practice of large manufacturers. Propylene Glycol is a common food additive often used in the coffee flavoring process as well as a main ingredient for electronic cigarettes, paint and antifreeze. Synthetically produced en masse, though approved and regulated by the federal government, Propylene Glycol has no place in the Java Love recipe.

Because at Java love, we strive for simplicity. No chemist can conjure the holidays as well as a cook can. By keeping the process simple, our customers know what their getting. There is no mystery when you take the lid off our coffee and look inside--- only that earthy smell and the steam furling out.